Sunday, October 7, 2012

if you are wondering caitlin rodriguez is my muse from my novel fairfield connecticut i wrote at the school of visual arts [from when i was 18]

I am enjoying the artwork on north 7th street of faile. Reviewing some of my attempts at occupy wall street to create graffiti art. that's about it.

-little nemo 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I recall steve jobs on this day. It is one day pass the one year of his passing. I think steve jobs would want me to continue using you as my muse. I have done this since "fairfield, connecticut" the novel I published with you as the center-piece which I wrote at my lakeside drive home in fairfield, connecticut when my father was alive. I will continue to study fashion in the name of your pratt fashion design majorship and the one time we had sex when I was little.

-Little Nemo 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I love you estella. 2012.

I came to this conclusion while watching great expectations that throughout this project I have to continue writing to you. It's this personal conclusion I came to about the project and before I fucked up in hell's kitchen, I came to this reflection about my artwork, concluding that everything I'd experienced in my life had led to a need to create artwork that would please you and pratt.

But in my world you represent something different in a series of thoughts that can be created, therefore the others have explained it's a creative universe that writing to you emerges from that also intersects my blog.

This wil all only make sense far down the road when you understand the meaning of being finnegan bell and arun being Lustig.

also your name signifies the exit in the project to reality overwriting the emotions built by physical interactions.

This is important if I want to get the government $ instead of living forever as the secret eye machine.

-Little Nemo

(occupy wall street)

apart of occupy wall street
a caitlin rodriguez production
little nemo [on hbo]


black caitlin heart
the school of visual arts church of silver tiles
day 551/8
trinity church 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i hate those people who love to tell you money is the root of all that kills they have never been poor they have never had the joy of a welfare christmas

at least one person I live with has read either my blogs
or the blog notes that trinity created in her metaphor of me
being lost in the digital slip stream
re-emergence @ occupy wall street
there's a person who sits around on the other end and waits for me to write
then battle's me over this
in the morning I almost had a battle over weather I write to you or not
but I'm decently sure if I don't do this in the event this ever ends
I'll regret it, it's the reason I decided to write to you in the first place that drives me that if I was stuck ins something like this I'd write to you.
When I left brooklyn to find my exit and paris hilton in 2008.
But then I run out of my fucking medication and I just need people to stop fucking me on this.
I'm trying to make occupy wall street into a mini version of the apple t.v. station I want in williamsburg.
In the event what I'm talking about ever ends and I prove to you I'm not lining.
<3 u

-Little Nemo
(occupy wall street)

Friday, April 6, 2012

need to stop writing to you for a period of time. I have some guy on the other end who wants to control my artwork to you. Over my time living at the church I live in i've realized part of my personal legacy is writing to you. I promise you, you will be a ceo. No participation on your end required. 

I love you. 
(and hate the astral plane. Everything spiritual. And many other atheist conclusions). 

-Little Nemo 
(occupy wall street)